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6 years ago
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Feedback from some other NES runners is that the categories for this game are really arbitrary. I played the game for a bit and I agree with them.

Most games like this contain categories for the default hi-score listing, a loop, and maybe some more difficult to achieve goals. A loop isn't really reasonable in this game as it's a total autoscroller and the endpoint is not precisely defined.

When a run is submitted as a 10k, a 20k, and a 30k run, and the 5k runs are tied to the frame, it starts to look a little ridiculous.

Also the scores are being duplicated into the "Level Leaderboard" which seems relatively pointless.

The categories for this game should be more reasonable goals like 20k, 100k, 500k.

The goal with these games should not be to create as many short categories as possible. 5k is a ridiculous goal. Why not 1k? Why not 40 points?

Can we clean this up?

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Hey! Thanks for letting us know. The biggest problem here is that if we remove the level leaderboard or the current categories, people will lose their times they have grinded for and spent some valuable time to achieve. I agree with your point about the level leaderboard though. Also I would like to add the categories you mentioned, but should we really remove the current categories? I don't want too many categories either though. Maybe we can transfer the current times and categories to the level leaderboard and create new ones for full-game leaderboard? I want to hear the runners what they think about this situation.

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Could we possibly add 60k as a catagory since it is the second extra life spot? If you do add it, should I use real timing or should I continue to use the in-game time?


We don't want too many categories, but I guess we can still add one for 60k. Thanks for the idea. I believe that you are free to use in-game time unless you want more specific time.

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