Rules for difficulty? (GBC)
3 years ago
Bremen, Germany

Are there any rules for the Difficulty or damage settings? Are there any rules at all?

Kanagawa, Japan

For the moment we'll just use SDA rules, as far as when the time starts and stops. As for difficulty, they will be separated, and leave the damage at default. These make the most sense to me, but feel free to add suggestions, as you probably know the game better.

I was asked to create this board, and when that happens you become a mod by default. I'm currently looking for someone knowledgeable about this specific game to add as a mod.

Bremen, Germany

Seperating the difficulties is a good idea, however, I would suggest 4 difficulties instead of 3, because choosing Apocalypse on Difficulty 3 the game will skip the last boss fight against Apocalypse. Also, 1 Round per opponent should be the default.

I would love help you to moderate this game. However, I have basically no knowledge about the PSX Game.

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Posted 3 years ago
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