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The rules don't clarify whether the run can be segmented or not. Can a moderator clarify? Must a run be made without breaks to be legitimate? Or can I save, go to sleep, and pickup later from that save-point? The runs seem pretty brutal if segmentation is not acceptable...

If all runs must be single-segment, maybe add that to the rules?


There is a category in the Miscellaneous section called "Sessions %" that breaks the run into 3 chunks that can be done at your own pace. Read more here: The remaining categories are all RTA, Real Time Attack meaning that the timer continues to run no matter what until the run is completed. The Fast Text categories shorten the run by about 5.5-6 hours also. I would encourage you to look at the all of the leaderboard more to understand the categories and how long they take better.

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Yeah, like Cord had said, sessions% is a really convenient category to get into if you want to start running the game. That's how I got into it after all. If you'd like to run the game but don't want to do a single sitting speedrun, sessions% is the way to go.


Got it! I should have looked through the rules more carefully, but I appreciate the quick replies. Thanks very much!

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Hello. I read that playing this on PS3 adds an excessive amount of time; I'm wondering if that applies to physical copies, digital copies or both?


Playing CD version is slightly faster than digital, but not by much.

UG wrote in description of the fastest consoles are, which I'll post here:

[fastest environment]
SCPH-75000 to 900xx (FR)
SCPH-50000 to 550xx (FR) / VITA & PSTV (FR)
SCPH-10000 to 390xx (FR) / Portables (FR) / VITA & PSTV (SR)
SCPH-75000 to 900xx (SR) / Portables (SR)
SCPH-10000 to 550xx (SR)
PS3 (CD)
PS3 (PSoneClassics)
[slowest environment]

*SCPH-700xx is mysterious machine. but it's not fastest.

We think the 77k model is faster than 75k, but it hasn't been tested. Getting any PS2, whether it's a 90k, 30k or any of the 70k models are pretty easy to come by nowadays and they're cheap too.

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