Pingval's Save glitch can be performed on the US version of Xenogears
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Pingval's Save glitch can be performed on the US version of Xenogears
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The US versions of RPGMaker and Xenogears can be used to perform the save glitch as well. I used to use RPGMaker (US) to do save hacking, a process similar to what's done here, so I was already familiar with the general premise. After seeing Pingval's video, I decided to check out how similar the JP and US disks really were and was surprised to find them so structurally similar. Figured it might work, and sure enough it did.

Here's a tutorial video on how this works:

Sorry for my weaker than usual voice, not having a great voice day. >_<

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WOW :D I'd like to add an information to reduce time. If you reset once about 0.8s or more after Power-On, Fast-Reading is applied to not only AnimeMaker but also Xenogears. (just like this video: ) Why I didn't do that in 19:49 run is, I used SCPH-90000, a console that Fast-Reading doesn't work for Xenogears.

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Ooh neat! I'd heard that was a thing but I've never tested it myself! I'll have to try it out if I ever do a non-tutorial run!

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I've known for a while that the early fat PS2s couldn't achieve a lot of the same save glitches and hacking using RPG Maker as their slim counterparts, but I wasn't exactly sure if it came down to just differences in copying the save header or not. Decided to test that in a fun run of Xenogears (JPN) last weekend, and it turns out it is down to differences in the copy functionality on the PS2 PlayStation driver version.

Since I don't have access to Japanese Slim, I used one of my US 79ks to do the copying part, and it worked perfectly! It really is simply a function of the PS driver on the Fat models as I suspected:

Pretty interesting. It kinda looks like it writes the header at a totally different point in the save if you look at it in a hex editor.