Because why not
7 years ago

Well I have a xcom game on my phone it's called xcom-EW and I can complete it pritty fast in like an hour or so but looking for it , it's not on here so then I wondered if there are any runs on that xcom or it is just a don't run thing ???


Uh stumbled on this comment a year later just cause I was wondering if people had done XCOM speedruns, but Enemy Within is an expansion on PC, but was released as a standalone game for consoles and mobile

So I guess it should be a category under this game? Assuming EW on console and mobile is the same game as EU with the expansion turned on in a savefile?


Oh hi yeah no problem a year 5 years at least you answered (unlike the ufc page) I believe there the same well same bass game and the phone does have the dlc type things like pc added on to it I haven't played it on console yet but would be up for trying it

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