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The latest, crazy fast run by @hahhah42hahhah42 relies heavily on the Instant Level Transition bug, which works by touching an already active checkpoint while holding down the "exit level" button (shift) while carrying an leaf you have never collected before.
I just patched this out in v1.2.0d (published a couple minutes ago).
Obviously this bug doesn't work on every level; but it does work on a lot.
So here's the question; rather than patch this out; should "Speedrun Mode" allow this to work on any checkpoint? And while I'm at it; should it be just leaving levels, or entering them too?
I sort of like the brief pause between levels, but I'd like to hear what everyone's preferences are.

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Personally, I think the glitch could really do well for the game in a speedrun mode. I don't know if the @hahhah42hahhah42 could be beat without it, so if we decide not to keep it in a speedrun mode, what will happen to his run? Also, don't overwork yourself for this if it's too much.


Most of the quick transitions were set up by the fastest route and didn't really involve any additional strats to achieve, so removing that as an option doesn't change much in terms of play. The only levels I can think of where an adjustment makes a difference are 1-5, 3-5 (see jakersis's run) & 4-4 (see Lieutenant Boo's run), and I didn't do the latter two.


I don't know if the @hahhah42hahhah42 could be beat without it, so if we decide not to keep it in a speedrun mode, what will happen to his run?

When a change/update to the game makes a notable difference in what's possible and previous version(s) aren't available, the best practice imo is to archive the runs on the old version(s) and only accept runs on the newest version.

I posted an example of this here.


Well, with the option of rolling this Instant Transition into a feature of Speedrun mode, it doesn’t have to make the run obsolete, and will make routing a little easier because you won’t have to avoid touching certain checkpoints

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personal say, hahhah42's run is very well beatable, it just hasn't been done yet. the run isn't to the point where the instant tp is holding me or any other runners from getting a better time, so if it is kept in or patched out it really doesn't matter to me. the only thing I do ask though is to keep the option to use shift to enter worlds instead of having to hold down S or down arrow.

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