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v1.2.1 - Added Faster Level Transition

This isn't full "instant transition" as was granted by the bug in earlier versions of the game; but it's much faster; hopefully a good balance between faster than usual, but not so fast that it becomes impossible to keep up.
This is sort of a "release candidate" version of the game; if I don't find any bugs, it'll be posted on Armor Games.

v1.2.0e - Pause Menu Options for Speedrun Mode

No need to use keyboard shortcuts or guess what mode you're in; from the Pause Menu, you can now easily set your exact preferences for all "speedrun" related options.

v1.2.0c - Small quality of life improvement for IL Runs!

Worlds Within Worlds v1.2.0c is now up with a nice quality of life improvement;
- Dying or Restarting in IL Mode will refresh the timer from the Primary checkpoint in the level, letting you quickly try again!

Worth keeping in mind;
- In order to get a recorded time for IL Mode, you must collect all three Leaves (or "outlines" of previously collected leaves)
- If you start the game already in a level; the timer will display --:--.--- and you must exit the level and re-enter to start a fresh IL run
- Pausing the game does not pause the timer!

Let the IL Runs begin!

With the latest secret build only for speedrunners you can now see your best time displayed above each level in the overworld. Make sure to read up on how exactly "IL Mode" works (on the preview build page)

v1.2.0 Changes

It's going to be a while before I can get all this implemented, but I've updated the page of Worlds Within Worlds to show the list of currently planned changes for v1.2.0;

Here's the list if you want a quick look, but unfortunately the formatting didn't copy over to SRC;

Speedrun Menu Options: Added a new Menu with the following options
Timer: You can enable a timer and set it's position between Bottom-Right, Top-Right, and Top-Left
Use the "T" key as a shortcut to toggle this
Speedrun Mode: Clear the fire in the Level 1-1 2nd screen to make it easier to complete without the butterfly and shows Best-Times for levels (see below)
Use the Number "9" key as a shortcut to toggle this
Enter / Exit Level Button: A dedicated button to enter / exit levels; "Shift" by default. You will not have to hold the button down; just press it once to trigger the transition.
Drop-Through Platform Control Option: Tap "Down" to drop through platforms without having to press "Jump" as well

Individual Level Best-Time Tracking: Your best attempt at clearing each level will be recorded and shown above each level's gate in the overworld with Speedrun Mode enabled

Quick Erase Progress: Erase all progress to make a fresh run at the game; Number "0" key or "R" while paused

Bug Fixes;
The cursor no longer remains invisible if you pause or reset the game while the butterfly is active
The in-game timer no longer counts frames to determine time passed and so should be more accurate
Fixed randomly instantaneous level transitions

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