3 years ago
Bahia, Brazil

Eu posso usar o nostalgia nes de android? Ele usa a mesma engine do fcuex e ele não e inpresiso pois ja foi testado pelos adms do mike tyson punch out

United States

Hopefully you can translate to Portuguese (I am not fluent but understand):

The emulator might be OK but every game is different. Can you show an example of the run and test? We will review it. Also, be sure to specify the version.

For those wondering, the emulator in question is Nostalgia.NES for Android. I've seen other runs with it but not sure how this game works on it.

Ohio, USA

Can I use nes nostalgia for android? He uses the same engine as fcuex and he is not surprising because it has already been tested by mike tyson punch out adms

Ohio, USA

is the translation

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