These are the notes I have. There's a lot of info hidden in there. Eventually I'd like to clean it up and post it as a proper guide with a tutorial video.


I've started cleaning this. So far the cleaning job has been immense.
Each and every dungeon now have full maps with routes on them. The notes have been cleaned up a lot. The document itself has also been reorganized into multiple sheets to make it easier to navigate.


While creating the maps for the routes through the dungeons I've noticed (and corrected) some discrepancies with the Opus Games maps in my own notes. I've sent the corrected maps along.

These changes are:
Azcan Temple Level 1 has a misplaced trap
Azcan Temple Level 3 has a one-way secret which is mis-labeled
Oltec Passageway Level 3 is missing a door
Elven Underground is missing a wall and the exit is one cell off.


Would the run go faster if you instead used the wand of lightning to kill off your three party members at the start? This way you can use the default characters (saving up to 4 minutes at start of run) And since you can pick up the gauntlets of ogre power in the first tower (still disputed whether it matters), I tried this and I was able to get to the Beastman Caves a lot faster than your run, and I am not optimizing movements yet. I did need to hit the fire giant 1 extra time (when he moved right, i also moved right and shot twice, killing him)
I don't have a video yet for this (I just watched your run yesterday) but I'll try to make a video for you


I'm having significant problems memorizing the movements in dungeons. I get to the Beastman Caves for the second time and I can get to the Swamp exit pretty easily because I just base it on encounters (after fighting x then do movements y), but on the way out it's mostly empty and I get completely lost. Been at it for several days with absolutely no progress towards memorizing this. I can't even imagine trying with the Azcan Temple...

Any tips on memorizing?

(edited: )

Woah. After a year I didn't expect anyone to try running this. Glad to see other players here. Maybe I'll start picking this game back up again.

@venominon One issue I found is that the Gauntlets don't seem to effect attack in any way for the purposes of the run. The critical damage gained by the Hiding in Shadows only uses base STR (as far as I can tell). In the "Stat Rolls" sheet on the google doc, I've listed the damage range done to the Fire Giant at level 1 using that specific roll (including some rolls with using the Gauntlets to grant 18 STR) and the results were pretty conclusive. I know the document is trash to go through.. haha sorry about that.
My main concern was with enemies that pose a threat, where that 1 or 2 hits could mean a party wipe; such as those damn Scorpions or any of the Fire Dragons in the Eleven Underground.
If you find the extra attack really doesn't matter and we can save time by forgetting the stat rolls, that would be awesome. I'd love to see some damage stats and time comparisons.

@darxide The Azcan Temple is so bad. haha. For the Swamp Cave; in the larger open areas (mainly at the end of the cave where we find the second batch of Tuatara and Trogs) I just go in straight lines. For me, it's more about recognizing patterns with the enemies for that section. For instance; once I kill the Chief, I know that I turn left and go straight until I hit a wall. From there I know to turn left, go forward and do a quick Z pattern (forward, turn left, forward, turn right, forward). After which turn right and go forward until I hit a wall.
After writing that it still seems kind of complicated. Haha. Getting used to the textures you should be seeing and remembering things like "go forward until I see grates on the wall" or "when I see Crawler turn right and walk until a wall" instead of "when I see Crawler turn right and walk forward x spaces" can help a lot.


>Getting used to the textures you should be seeing and remembering things like "go forward until I see grates on the wall"

That actually might help and isn't something I thought of.

Yea, I've been into speedrunning for probably 5 years, but never ran anything myself. Just did a lot of watching. Decided to give it a try and since the Genesis is my favorite system of all time I went through the list of games to narrow it down to something to run. This was one of my fav games as a kid and even today it's immensely playable casually. I looked it up to see only one run on record and figured I'd try adding my name to the list.


I was into speed running (at least watching speedruns) for years. When I finally decided to pick up a game, everyone said it had to be a game you really loved. I could still draw maps of this game from memory of when I played as a kid, so I settled on this one.
There were some very old discussions on the SDA forums (probably at least 3 years old by now) about how an RTA run might work, so I decided to give it a go

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