Speedrun-Mode required for submissions. To activate: Right Click Gamefeed -> Options ->Misc Tab -> Tick Speedrun Mode (requires an Emu Restart!) (external link)
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For submissions enable the following under the "View" tab: "Display FPS", "Display Frame Counter", "Display Input" Requires a GBC_BIOS (found on the Internet) (external link)
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Fast Hard Reset: CTRL+R Requires a GBC_BIOS (found on the Internet) (external link)
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For your convenience, all courses with a treasure are marked with a key icon (ripped from Yoshi for NES)! This route through the category assumes you will be doing course skips on the map screen (located in parenthesis on the appropriate segment), done by pressing two directional inputs (or a rightward diagonal) on the same frame. NOTE: To save yourself a simple boss fight in Mt. Teapot, you skip doing course 12 its entirety after obtaining course 11's treasure. Warning, once you skip Mt. Teapot on the map and then enter a level, YOU CANNOT GO BACK! (external link)
Just thought I'd throw these out there for those who don't want to make splits for every level. (Just get rid of the times) (external link)
Wario Land Practice Rom which lets you select stages and power ups from a menu in order to easily practice every single stage. Original practice rom was made by Lightbulbsun, this version is a fork made by Benjee and adds the ability to enter/practice bossfights. (external link)
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