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This board is currently only hosting runs for the SNES version of the game, which has some large differences compared to the others. If you would like to run Wizardry V in one of its other releases, let me know and I'll create an appropriate category if need be.

Currently Wizardry V supports both the Famicom and SNES versions. If significant differences between Famicom and SNES are found (e.g., significant glitch differences, Malor bounceback differences, etc.) I will likely split the categories.

I do not currently support the translated Famicom version as I haven't been able to ensure nothing else has been changed. If you would like to help me do this, please contact me with your rationale.

Milliseconds are only used for Reset % and are not considered for other categories.

Any% (no char creation): This is the default category and involves using the default party. It was chosen as the default due to the large time investment it takes to create characters with proper stats. Character rolls can be as high as 60 bonus points -- getting 6 of those would take hours, if not days. Timing starts from the "enter maze" selection to allow players to rename characters and organize their party without it affecting their time; this makes for a more personal and enjoyable run.

Any%: If this becomes the most popular category I'll transfer it to the default category. Character creation was not part of the timing to prevent a lucky roll from saving ten minutes or from making the run "reset until a good first roll", making this run more tolerable.

Laughing Kettle Run: A shortened version of the normal categories, similar to FFIV Paladin runs or FFVI Narshe runs, that gives a taste of the full game. Killing the Laughing Kettle is one of the fastest ways to level up in the game. Finding a way to kill him quickly is important! This category can have some changes due to there being no need for experience -- just a good scroll of conjuring.

Reset%: A fun meme run, but also instructive on how to reset your progress in Wizardry V, which isn't obvious at first glance.

Credit Warp: Credit Warping is possible using ACE in real time. (This category does not accept TAS)

Glitchless: I have not created a Glitchless category yet as I do not believe there is any interest in running this, as it has been several years without a single run of Wizardry V in the first place. If you are running this category I will happily create the category for you. Glitchless would not allow for ACE, Soulstealer glitch, Demonic Figure HP buff, or other obvious glitches and developer mistakes.

No Reset%: I have not created a No Reset category yet as I do not believe there is any interest in running this category. If you are running this category I will happily create the category for you. This would be Any%, but not allow for resets of any kind. At the cemetery screen after death, you would need to press a button to allow the death of your party and then continue gameplay.

If you have another category you believe is necessary or interesting, let me know once you have a recording of the run available. I do not plan to create arbitrary stopping point categories other than the Laughing Kettle Run.

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