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There can't be a category for all the over a dozen platforms it was released on, but the 2 categories I set up are definitely not set in stone. If you have any recommendations how to organize this or want to be mod, just write here in this thread.

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That makes much more sense than how it was. I’ve been watching poopins run to learn the Glitchless run.

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I just watched your run, I didn’t realize you did it on an Apple II. At one point I downloaded a Mac emulator to try to do a speedrun on Mac, but the security questions blocked me.

How do other games with multiple platform releases handle their leaderboards? Do they sperate entirely like FInal Fantasy 1 on the NES just did from the other releases?

I don’t think it’s a big deal at this point since almost no one runs Wizardry, but if it begins to grow it may be a question to think about with so many releases.


I think most PC ports definitely don't need a seperate category. Imho Apple II as the original platform and some console ports like NES or GBC can become seperate categories if they get multiple runners.

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Run for moderator.

Platforms to be added: MS-DOS, (only available in Japan below) FM-7, FM-77, MZ-2500, SS, PSX, Windows.

I think that the inside data of this game will be categorized into 4 in speedrun.

  1. Apple2 version has a identify glitch, Any% current rule is this version only.
  2. Mac compliant version can hunt giants with MAKANITO at post level 9 and perform categorization similar to the glitchless current rule. Applies to NES, SNES, GBC, WSC.
  3. Most other versions are C64 compliant. MAKANITO is ineffective for giants and difficult for post-level 9 growth, but the PSX and SS versions released on the new generation platform will be faster depending on Output and establish a speedrun. The fastest runner record is 38 minutes.
  4. The TG16CD version is a program based on the original source. MAKANITO is effective for giants, but it has its own specifications such as clearing only if you go to all layers. However, I don't think there is a need for separation because there are no runners.
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