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Hello everyone! I've been watching some of the more insane speedruns and I'm sad to see that almost all the guides are outdated. Does anyone know if there may be an update to this page soon for some of the guides? Thanks in advance! cheers!

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Which guides would you be looking for? I am definitely willing to make some more updated guides for the current runs and I know some others that might be willing as well. Just need to know what you'd want to see first.

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There is a guide that a few of the peeps in the Offical Wizard101 Speedrunning Discord (you should join sometime) made for the group Malistare% run they're preparing to do on the 30th. (warning: doesn't include where to mark, and also doesn't include GK%)


Also if you're more interested in HL%, there's a BoS I made for it in resources.

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Thanks for the comments! I'm super new to speedrunning in general, so the resources tab doesnt make...ANY...sense to me lol. but heck ya! i would love to join the discord! link it to me if you could! i will try to find it in the meantime! thanks again!

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