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Hi there,

I'd like to suggest a new section of categories for the mini games that can be played in each world's mingle tent. Each leaderboard would be ranked based off of highest score, so a score of 12, 758 would be inputted as 12s 758ms.
There would be one for each minigame: Skull Riders, Sorcery Stones, Doodle Doug, Conjuration Concentration, Hot Shots, Choo-Choo Zoo, Potion Motion, and Dueling Diego.
This section of speed runs would expand the variety of speed runs that are offered for this game and hopefully entice more people to speed run this game.
Let me know what you think!

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The problem is the game already has a leaderboard in place.

I do like the concept of adding more minigame categories like WotNP%

I feel like a seperate, "Game" section would be a good place to put em, (similar to how MC has a seperate, "game" for the category extensions.)

Only one that would be bad is the maze, which would only work for like any% (all pet derby games but with a passing grade) and a 4point 100% (all of the pet derby games, and levels but you can only get 4 points


From a functional standpoint, I'm not sure how that would work to be honest. The game already has its own score leaderboards so having some special ones here would be redundant. Especially if timing isn't actually a factor.

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