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A wizard city% run but with all side quests. Idk might be fun but since no one really runs wizard city% it probably won't be a thing.


God no. Quite frankly, you underestimate the amount of side quests in Wizard City.

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I mean not really. There are plenty of very long speedruns out there. Final Fantasy 9 any% wr is over 8 hours and it has almost 100 runs submitted. Just because its long doesn't mean it won't be ran.


another thing to consider would be the fact that yeah there's another game with a ridiculously long speedrun but this game is not particularly popular in terms of speedrunning and the categories only go up to 1 hour at most currently so the category would likely go unran.


I would probably run it....but that's just me xD


this was something I considered to do though. But I'm still new to W101 speedrunning.


I have attempted this before and the current issue is that the "Savior of Wizard City" Badge that you are supposed to obtain when you complete all the quests seems bugged. I have been thinking about investigating it again but without an easy way to check the completion of the quests it would be hard to verify.

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