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I have a speed route on Krokotopia and I just need to remove a few kinks and quirks. Can this category become a thing if I speedrun it for the first time, or am I out of luck?

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If it isn't possible because of needed rule changes, maybe we could brainstorm new rules? Example:

You can only run this category with one other person, and video proof must be provided by both people.
Maybe a stream could be set up with both point of views at the same time so there'd be no confusion and stuff, like speedrace livestreams do it.

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if you do a run, and vpg likes it, it might become a category. I would recommend joining VGP's discord and send him a video of your speedrun.

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The idea of a Krokotopia% has been tossed around before, but has not yet been made. If done though, it likely would retain all the same rules from previous runs, starting from the character creation screen and ending once the person would have to go to marleybone (like receives the quest to go there). The thing to keep in mind though is you can't actually do story quests in krok unless you're level ten or higher (so doing some sides in wizard city would be needed) and you'd have to do all dungeons solo. It would be hard, but its not impossible. Right now there is no run for it, but if you wanted to try running it to see how it would be, you're welcome to try. You'd just have to time it and send me a link after. Given how long that kind of run would be though, you'd have to expect me to take a little while on reviewing it however. As mickey said as well, sending the link through my discord would be easy as well if you did try running it.

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