any% added with release of 1.0
2 years ago

Just wanted to drop a note here to say the full game has a run category now, just called Any% - the Any% Nes Compo version will still stay up as its own tab since it's still available on Matt's but I set the default to be the full game.

I'm working on setting up the rules for it right now, but my thought would be for it to be to start timer on pressing A for new game, and end on last boss's final enemy.

I was a little tempted to say "start from chapter 1" but I lean towards any% being a run that you could start from a fresh save or no save at all - I'm up for discussion on this though if other people wind up interested in running this game and want to agree to different rules.

British Columbia, Canada

Thanks for doing this @Karma! I'm Matt, the developer, and I just submitted a speed run to get things started. No doubt it won't last long! Can't wait to see what people pull off!

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Victoria, Australia

Hey @Karma, are there any rules on what emulator can be used for any%? I am using Mesen v0.9.9 at the moment. Is there anything I need to keep in mind to make sure the run is valid?

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Oh sorry, I never did get around to putting the rules in. I think for emulator runs as long as you state what emulator you're using and there's no clear weirdness about how the emulation handles things, it should be fine. Mesen would be absolutely fine.

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Victoria, Australia

Great! I will more than likely use my physical cartridge once that arrives but it may be a while. I'll be using emulation until then.

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