Suggestions Thread!
2 years ago
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The purpose of this thread is to suggest adding/editing categories, subcategories, variables, and/or levels for the category extensions page. There are some rules/guidelines that I very highly encourage you to read and abide with.


  • In one post, provide your suggestion, and explain it.
  • feel free to discuss suggestions, but I recommend doing this in the Discord server to prevent clutter.
  • If your suggestion gets rejected, I will provide an explanation of why I rejected it. I still want the CE leaderboard to have some sort of presentation, this isn't an "add everything" type of deal. I will not delete the rejected suggestions so that other people don't suggest them again.


  • You must have a video with your suggestion post. No pictures.
  • I may require a set amount of different runners to run your suggestion with video evidence depending on how deserving I think the run is of being added.
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To follow up on a previous thread, All Sheep Minigames, suggested by SR.C user Scrapz. Beat ram jam, sheep crossing, and jangle wranglers.

4 more runs of this required to make it a thing

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Globe Trot Bingo, and just bingo in general. Also Marathon runs..

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@Cmdr good idea. I will make sure to add that soon.

@Scrapz unfortunately, after reviewing the run, I will have to turn down your suggestion. Sheep Crossing is a locked 60 second minigame and Jangle Wranglers is a locked 30 second minigame, therefore the only factor changing times significantly enough is Ram Jam. At that point, people might as well just run Ram Jam in the main leaderboard. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Balance Boat all difficulties, suggested by SR.C user bendersrus, will be added soon as well.

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Tied Bingo? So 2 different players have to win at the same time, on the same character?

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@BushNan I feel like thats too arbitrary/luck based even for Wii Party.

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@BushNan Unfortunately, I believe that getting a tied bingo is too rare for it to be a speedrun category. I don't think it will see enough runners, if any at all.

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Thread is locked. If you have a suggestion, feel free to tell me in the Discord server or create a new thread. I believe the process is simpler that way.