How to use Autosplit

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What you need:
WHG1 Split Images from Resources
Autosplit: https:/​/​github.​com/​Toufool/​Auto-Split
Livesplit: https:/​/​livesplit.​org/​
WHG1 Speedrun Version from Resources

How to:
put WHG1 Splits folder in the autosplit folder
Open Livesplit and make 30 Splits with any name you want
Put Hotkeys for Livesplit Start/Split and Reset
Open Autosplit
Put Hotkeys for Autosplit (make sure it's the same as Livesplit)
Put Comparasion Method to PHash
Put Similarity threshold to 077
Put Pause Time to 2
Set Split Image Folder to WHG1 Splits
Open WHG1 Speedrun Version
Go Back in Autosplit and Capture Region,the region should have the entire game (no black parts from the outside)
Start the Auto Splitter
Start Playing!

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