The original .swf file for The World's Hardest Game from Cool Math Games. This is the same as the original Snubby Land game, but includes a level selector. (direct download)
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Split images for each level. To be used with an autosplitter. Tutorial can be found in the 'Guides' section (direct download)
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A tool designed to assist players in practicing and speedrunning The World's Hardest Game. It is a modified version of the original game that adds a few features such as an inbuilt timer and hotkeys for restarting and navigating between levels. You can use this version for official submissions, but please note that use of the level hotkeys are banned and will invalidate the run. A full readme can be found in the .zip file. (direct download)
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This is the true original version of the game. (direct download)
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This is an early version of the Speedrun version found in the Resources. This version contains all features of the Speedrun version, along with the ability to noclip through enemies and walls. Runs will NOT be accepted on this version. Please use the Speedrun or Official version to submit full game runs. (direct download)
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