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Hey all, please post your findings for Heists RTA timing here for us to use in our investigation. We are currently having issues with identifying a solid start and stop point due to inconsistencies with the loading icon, the open world door, and potential lag that appears.

Here's a couple things to keep in mind:
• While not available yet, this method should be able to be applied fairly to consoles. This also applies to lower end PCs, as we do not want a world record solely on hardware supremacy.
• Changes to the game should allow this timing to stay consistent through the times.
• Efforts to curb the "loading door boss" should be considered.



For the "Orb Vallis" section the update with the "bounty reward pop-up" as a SRC end time can be stalled if the person has a poop pc, as different frames of the image can appear and the delay can vary based on sync with your Orb Vallis instance (small milliseconds). I have also never had the same image as shown from the discord server’s #update-log imgur example (source 1, 2). Instead, I would like to suggest using my methods on a reliable way to have the timer end based on gameplay alone.

The “Profit-Taker” section can be set to the frame the death animation plays, in which the Profit-Taker Orb will show a quick blue glow representing the shields being taken down before falling to its explosive demise (source 3).

The “Exploiter” section can be set to the frame the death animation plays, in which the front of the Orb will show a small explosion before doing the charged explosion (source 4).

The “Heist 2” category can have the SRC time end when the Datamass disappeared from world entity, in which the yellow hexagon for extraction appears on the HUD. The first frame of the yellow hexagon for elevator extraction can be the time end.

The "bounty reward pop-up" can be used as a buffer to confirm the runner ‘completed the mission’, in the sense that the objective is complete and they are rewarded by Eudico.

If sources 3 or 4 are insufficient evidence, please feel free to run the mission yourself. I hope to get a reply from this in a timely manner.


Source 1: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​fDQhrFB

Source 2: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​4LCe4ae

Source 3: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​7gmIwC5

Source 4: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​BvbnsJq

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Inicius pre-26.1 solo run: 6.373s between profit taker dieing and bounty reward
Iterniams 26.1 solo run: 6.093s between profit taker dieing and bounty reward
Iniciu/Turbodart/Foxy pre-26.1 co-op run: 6.193s between profit taker dieing and bounty reward
Squakos pre-26.1 solo run: 6.017s between profit taker dieing and bounty reward
Squakos 26.1 solo run: 6.050s between profit taker dieing and bounty reward

Clear inconsistency like you describe. I agree with changing the Profit Taker end frame to the blue glow.
Exploiter still has the issue of the mid-level load screens. Until they can be factored out of the timer in a consistent way consoles and low spec PCs will always be at a disadvantage no matter where exactly the start and end frames are.
Finishing the Heist 2 bounty requires entering the elevator in order to trigger the bounty end sequence. If the timer ends before this point then the whole bounty isn't being completed. In order to avoid using bounty end frame but bring the timer closer to its traditional end point, I counter-suggest making the end frame the inverse of the start frame, when the Orb Vallis map turns to the local Elevator map (after picking up the datamass of course). This still doesn't mark the exact end of the bounty but is extremely close and requires everything you traditionally had to do in Heist 2 except the elevator door glitch.

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I agree with the Profit Taker changes, seems to be a more consistent way to do it comparing a few times as SN mentioned above.
For Exploiter there are a few issues because of the other loading screens during the run which might not be consistent just as the main elevator wasn't and it may benefit people with a slower pc because they would have enough time to reach the next door while the timer is paused. Regardless i can see your method being used for the last split.
Your timing method for the Heist 2 bounty appears to be very accurate, but SN's suggestion should be just as accurate as yours. I personally don't have a preference, however the second would be more appealing for new runners as the last frame is very similar to the first.

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I would also like to request additional information on how the new timing is calculated. I can understand that the time is calculated from the start frame, end frame and video FPS but for any casual player looking into it may need more information as to how the time is calculated. It's not specifically stated anywhere.