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With a bunch of random questions ofc.

1) Raid sections got their own leaderboards here [deleted]

What's the point of hosting the tables here?

2) As U19 came in with decent changes(as you can't fight Kela without getting 100x JP at her arenas / Riven Mod clown fiesta), is theres a need to exclude her from main list of bosses + set U18 as legacy one?

3) Any "active" runners nowadays? Because it seems what speedrunning community is pretty much dead.

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3) Moderators seem to be dead, my run hasn't been approved or declined. I'm running mastery 1-10 + 11-20 since it's the only thing that doesn't change too much with updates

2) Can't say much about that, guess it's up to the mods

1) As 2


I agree that the leaderboard's a mess,

1) these are not 100% complete, a few of the raids I did don't even appear on there (esp. those that I hosted) & the layout's a mess there as well.

2) It's up to Celestics & OakyOwl to manage the Leaderboards - I saw Celestics being active on twitter 9 hours ago, so... dunno what's up w/ that.

3)I guess many runners that would've otherwise done runs just went on to play other games, as the game seems to enter a downward spiral of userbase decay, I rarely see new players & more people get fed up w/ the bugs that the game has, while the dev seems to just push out new stuff & forgets about everything else there is. /rant

-if you really care about the game, ask for mod in the main forum thread:



I was going to jump back into speed running. (Celestics and I were kinda the creators of it, but past a single run, I never did do anymore again.) But I need to flag Celetics down to figure out what the hell stuff would be considered map wise anymore.

I doubt it comes down to lack of players, the map change hit one of the more interesting categories pretty hard. (Which was start of a planet to boss runs.) Its possible to do these runs still, but would need a hell of a lot more categories per planet. (Since some planets have multiple entry points, instead of one standard "This is where everyone starts" start.

You also have should realize just how boring raids are compared to other MMOs. (I never did get to the second raid, I burned out hard on the first one, aka button sitting simulator 2016, after my clan got into Hard Mode most of us just stopped.) so the fact people even attempt to run that category is pretty amazing. Add on top of it the fastest run is literally not even 10 minutes long, I don't think its going to be something someone can pick up and just be able to join in. (Which was why I was happy to try to foster a Speedrunning Community in a Free to Play that most could join without decent hardware, etc.) Just by how when they were first released, 45 minutes was a quick "run" with people who literally have maxed out mods, and such.

Still love Warframe though.

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Hello all, the forum doesn't send me emails so that's a fault on me for not checking. In the future, please send me private messages through the communications channels. Preferably Discord, but Twitter works as well. You can also ping Gyoo if communications aren't active.

That being said, the site you linked never existed when this leaderboard was created. I also do not know of the verification tools that site uses, but I am open to suggestions on whether we should just consider that one instead.

Sadly, Warframe's system make it ¤extremely¤ difficult to create valid run categories without them being utterly destroyed by future content updates. I can discuss changes, but there were be difficulties down the road.

That's it for updates from me. Again, please ping me on the communications channels - I am near always online on Discord if you need me.

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