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This thread is specifically for moderation requests and changes for already existing leaderboards. Please link to the game to help facilitate requests.

Requesting games/series not yet on the site: Use the form here.

Please keep in mind that using this thread is a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. Best way to contact game mods is probably through Twitter for now. Also try the game forums, many users get notifications when threads are created for games they follow.

Moderator inactivity doesn't apply until around 3 weeks, depending on other circumstances, and it is expected that you try to contact them (exceptions may be made if they have been offline ~3+ months.)

An admin or full mod will respond to your post when they review it; if there is no response, it hasn't been reviewed yet.

(Post edited by Kirkq a bit.)

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Hi, I would like to be a mod for the Dragonball Series, Not only do i run alot of dbz games, but I am very knowledgeable in most of the dbz games aswell.

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Hello lil_duke_duke, I just added a line on the main thread, that should make more sense for everybody.

Could you start with that and then get back to me if you don't get any reply from them ? 🙂

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Ah okay, About a week ago i did try getting ahold of one of the Super mods but never got a responds, Ill try getting ahold of the other.

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Wel, currently we don't have a private message system, but it should be available sooner or later. Best ways to contact anyone would be via twitch messages or Twitter for now.

Good luck 🙂

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Hello, I recently created a few speedrun categories for the Sims 1 (level 10 in a job, etc.) and I would like the game to be added and to be a moderator!

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To request a game for the database, this link here is the usual way to go:


I already did that, just want it to be taken seriously haha

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When did you request your game? Usually, it takes around 24 hours for a game/series to be added (from my experience).


I just did it, I guess I will wait

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"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

(I can't accept games that have been requested, only admins can)

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Hello, I would like to become a moderator for Conkers Bad Fur Day. I have done many speedruns for this game, and know almost everything about the game.


Krkeep did you read the first post?

"Please keep in mind that using this thread is somewhat a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods."

Dont use this thread to request mod just because you want to moderate the leaderboards without asking the existing mods, If they do their job they might not need extra help.
Use this thread if the leaderboards you want mod for is not being updated correctly/lacking runs/being very incomplete.

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I sent wooferzfg1 a twitch message last week about . If you see this, check your PMs! But if you don't, could I be added as a mod on that page?

edit: resolved 🙂


This thread will probably be used for the short term. Our site PMs are still some ways away unfortunately. Maybe we should look into making a form for this?

Side note: Twitch PMs still don't send notifications to users that they've received a message. It's not really a reliable medium of communication at the moment. >_>;

EDIT: Unless you opt out of the "Other" folder AND allow e-mails AND check your e-mail. (I don't want to do e-mail notifications.) Also the chance of the user you're PMing having met all of these conditions is not exactly high.


I get an email whenever I get messaged on Twitch.


Twitch should send you an email when you receive PMs to your inbox (unless you disabled this feature).

However, many legitimate PMs are moved to the "Other" (spam) folder, and twitch doesn't send you an email for filtered PMs. You can turn PM filtering off to fix this problem.

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So I spent both mods on about being a mod and non of them even responded. Its been over 2 weeks lol

Edit: Thanks 🙂 Now I can fix and add things!


Ok then, I added you to the series mods. Have fun~

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Hello, currently running into an issue with a lack of a "Super Mod" in the Dark Cloud series. AlbinoAlbatross is the series mod, but is not able to add me as a moderator. I sent Pac a message on Twitch, but am afraid that Twitch will just spit my message into the Spam folder (as it is want to do).

Message from AlbinoAlbatross:
Albinoalbatross about 16 hours ago
I just checked and I do not have the ability to add moderators on the Dark Cloud 1 board nor can I add moderators for the series as a whole because I'm only there as a moderator and not a supermod. You'd have to either ask Pac or the person that has supermod on the DC1 board.

And once again, I could not find any super mod for the series.

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