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New Sticky (locked): Twitchzopney
New Sticky (locked): Board Updates  Page: 1 2zopney
New Sticky (locked): Available Glyphszopney
New Sticky (locked): Discordzopney
New Sticky (locked): New Category Guidelineszopney
New New Quest category: VP : Vor's Prize? (Any% Vor)?Immortalmewtwo
New Event: Tenno Without Borders 2018zopney
New Running CoopDawner21
New Single Segment Helpjamesfang999
New Endurance Records and the Speedrun Communityzopney
New Possible Volt Replacement?Velocikitty
New Harrow StratsVelocikitty
New Locked: Event: Post Run, Receive Glyph (Sept 2017)  Page: 1 2zopney
New Locked: Weeklys are now availablezopney
New Locked: Event: Tenno Without Borderszopney
New Locked: Want to earn an in-game glyph?  Page: 1 2 3zopney
New Locked: Category Overhaul Discussionzopney
New Locked: Load v No Load Timeszopney
New Locked: [Temporary Thread] This game is currently undergoing a category overhaul.Celestics
New Locked: Okay. I'll create another topic instead of referring to the mega one.Mekarazium
New Locked: [Megathread] Category SuggestionsCelestics
New Locked: Mastery Rank CategoriesCelestics
New Locked: Update 18 Bosses and All Bosses Lists DiscussionCelestics
New Locked: Questions and ConcernsCanterlott
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