How to re-time High Index solo runs??
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How to re-time High Index solo runs??

Heya. Just submitted my 1st run. Am happy.😃

I took the in-game timer but looking at other runs, it seems like they measured it differently, which shaves off a couple sec.

...How do I know how to measure it correctly (when to start/stop)? Sorry, I couldn't find a guide here nor under "resources".

I might try messaging one of the other speedrunners later.


United Kingdom

Any category with special timing will have a timing image link or description in the category rules. this lets you know where the start and end points will be

The best and most accurate way is to use a video editor like davinci resolve (free). make a split at the start point, another at the end point, and cut out the excess video. using the timeline timer, you can see the time of your run by clicking on the end point. make sure the video segment starts at 0s in the timeline

An innacurate (few frames variance) alternative is to use a youtube video timer. one is linked in the resources tab. it tells you how to use it

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Thanks, Mortar!

My brain completely filtered out the "View rules" button until I Ctrl+F'd the page, lol.


Related question: I use DaVinci now. Out of boredom, I timed a run using 2 Youtube Video Timers (the one in resources didn't work). Both added 177ms compared to DaVinci.🤔

Is this discrepancy normal? (I don't change frame rate when importing into DaVinci.)

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Saxony, Germany

Differences of 1-2 frames are normal, even if you use external tools like DaVinci. YouTube frame timers arent always accurate, so your 177ms difference is normal.

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