How To Speedrun Der Riese
How To Speedrun Der Riese
Updated 4 years ago by Cruppz

Hello! In this guide i'll be teaching you how to speedrun World At War Der Riese, These will include | Setup, Thompson Room Strat & Trade Strat. [Trade Strat is an insanely hard strat and is only used on bo1, though from constant 50 speedruns I have successfully made it work]

| Rounds 1 - 4 | -For Round 1 Restart If Your Time Is 30+ Seconds -For Round 2 You Want To Avoid Letting The Zombies Out And Getting Any Drops, Restart If You Get A Nuke or If Your Time is 1:25+ -For Round 3, You Always Want A Nuke, Unless you get an insta kill and you finish the round faster than 2:10 Time [If Your Round 2 Time was 1:17 or Below, Grab The Nuke at 1:54 mark] -Round 4, This is going to be very different based on your drop luck, if you got a nuke and it finished round 3, instantly head to the thompson room and gain points for the thompson wall buy. IF you did not get a nuke on round 3 [i'd suggest restarting if you didn't unless you have a good time] stay in the spawn room. Restart if you do not get a nuke before 3:07 Time. Here Is The Video of My fastest Round 5 - 15 Times [Current World Records] / Watch How I Play The First 5-15 Rounds



| Rounds 5 - Setup |

  • Round 5: If you get dogs stay in thompson room! -Round 6-7: If you get dogs instantly head to The Betty's/Jug, make sure to buy the stairs and stay near the bettys to get the best spawns. Round Ending [Make Sure to buy bettys off the wall if you have points, if you don't head to power hit the power switch and instantly head to thompson room. Once you have enough points buy speed cola and camp in thompson until round 9. -Round 10 - Setup: Once Round 9 has been completed instantly run to jug, buy it. Then buy double tap. Head to the type 100 teleporter and run to spawn. If the tele drop is insta stay in spawn until round is done. If Drop is nuke instantly grab it and run to the mp40 tele. Once the round is done or you grabbed the nuke sprint to mp40 tele and activate it, run to spawn and see what drop you get, once again if its insta stay in spawn if its a nuke instantly grab it and run to power. Once your in power hit the box as fast as possible and move it so you can get raygun YOU CANNOT GET RAYGUN FROM FIRST BOX once box moves, if its at catwalk restart your game, if it is not. End the round then sprint to the stg-44 tele, activate it and then run to spawn. End the round in their if you get an insta. Or nuke run to where the box is.

[Restart if you do not get a setup before 20]

-Setup to 50: Camp in thompson and make sure your raygun and waf are both papped. Camp in thompson till 50, here is a video of my 50 speedrun World Record so you can get an idea of how its meant to be played. /

[Trade Strat] Since nobody besides me has sucessfully made this strat work on waw I might as well share it with others, you can call it Cruppz strat or Trade Strat, I don't really care.

Once you run out of ammo on waf make sure you gain a full hoard in thompson room and trade it out with a wall buy weapon, like the thompson wallbuy as an example. Here i'll be going through every single box and what to do.

Thompson Room Box: Train Around The Thompson Wallbuy Area as you hit the box [DO NOT KILL THE ZOMBIES] this will seriously mess you up as the thompson room is nearly impossible to survive without waf and theirs no teleporter.

Catwalk Box: Completely avoid this if you can or you can do the more hard strat, get a full hoard and hit box. Drop down from the catwalk get the hoard up again and grab the waf if you get it. then get a far enough distance from the tele hit the trap near bridge and run to the thompson room

Type 100 Box: do not kill zombies once again. you can only hit this box about 2-3 times at most, if you do not get waf teleport to spawn and go into thompson room, gain the entire hoard and hit the trap in thompson. Wait in the spawn room and then instantly run to type 100 again, do not hit the trap in trench gun wallbuy room.

Trenchgun Box: when you get an entire hoard pile them up hit the trench gun trap and hit box once, if you want to be a little more risky hit it twice but I do not suggest it, run to jug and drop down to power room and hit trap or run to mp40 and hit tele once the zombies start spawning.

MP40 Box: This Box I consider is the most stressful box, tied with type 100 and catwalk. i'd suggest avoiding this box or do an entire hoard and hit it, its faster if you just kill the hoard with a trap. Unless you get very lucky with the box.

Power Box: This is probably the easiest box in the entire game, just get the entire hoard at power and hit the box until you get waf or if it moves. Once you get waf or you don't just hit the trap at power unless the box moved to the stg room.

Anyways Hope you enjoyed this guide! I spent a lot of time on it and hopefully it can help you speedrun der riese!

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