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2 years ago

Since, there is new wacky races run using only bite attack ( ), I'm up to adding 2 new categories: "bite only" and "low%". Bite only, as name suggests, would mean not swtching your basic weapon, which you start with. Second one (low%) usually concerns not utlizing any power up at all, so here, it would mean only basic bite attack, no tail as well as hearts upgrades. This true low% run would be for someone desiring ultimate challenge from this game. If most runners are fine with this idea, then new categories will take effect in few days.

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I say absolutely, let’s do it. Are there any points in the game where you need to use tail? I honestly can’t remember.

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No, stages are designed in such a way, that tail is never required. It's just additional powerup, which helps, so true low% is possible just hard challenge, since with just bite attack and without heart upgrades, 3 hits anywhere and you're dead.

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I’m all for the extra categories.


Then it's done


The game have a cheat at title screen to put the Only Boss Mode... I suggest to add a Categorie for this.. The cheat is A-B-right-left-right-left-down-down-up-start. The mode is to beat all 10 bosses in 1 loop. :)

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