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Hi, I just started speedrunning this game a few days ago and I was wondering if anyone had any good routes for a newer speedrunner. It's very difficult to find footage for the game so any help would be very much appreciated.


New runner as well, I'm finding practicing World 6 a lot to be helping as that's where Any% turns ridiculous, lol


i'm really sorry for the super slow response guys, i didn't notice this thread. on my warpless PB i did much safer strat than my any% PB, for example on 6-3 i wait on every single bullet bill before i keep going instead of doing what some people call russian roulette which is what i did in my any% PB. to be safer basically i wait on the bullet bill and look at where it is before continuing. on 6-1 if you do a full jump from the first "?" block it'll confuse the lakitu's AI and he won't drop any spinies before you pass him if you keep running. on 3-3 you must avoid stomping or shooting the last 2 red flying koopas, otherwise you might despawn the elevator needed to reach the end of the level. on 7-2 if there's a blooper blocking your way i recommend luring the blooper in the wrong direction to give you space to get passed him. also i highly recommend fire mario strats, small mario doesn't have any speed or ease advantage even in any% because you have to get passed 2 extra bowsers compared to smb1 any% and you save about 2 seconds on each bowsers if you killed them with fire balls which makes up for the time it took to collect the powerups. this is my warpless PB if you wanna see some safer strats compared to any%

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