Adminship Changes and Rules Establishment
1 year ago
United States

Heya everybody! Going to note some adminship changes and some of what we've done in an immediate sense.

First, Megami has retired, and elevated Me and Zophar to super admins, as two of the active runners of the game. Our first actions were to define the rules for the game and category which, simplified, are 'from gaining control to final hit' for timing. This meant having to retime a few of the older runs, but all for the better in terms of their times! We aren't going to be requiring hard frame timing unless we need to resolve a tie, although by all means frame-time your runs. (Our current setup is detwitch (the website) into avidemux (the software).)

A few weeks back I also added a resource on the things that I'm aware of being true in the game. If people know things that I have misrepresented, or didn't capture, please come and let me know, I can be found on discord or on what is our current discord (unless this place gets more active), which is Zophar's discord and linked in the main page.

That's it for the notes, back to enjoying the joys of Jim Hydlide.

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Pennsylvania, USA

Jim the Knight appreciates you Mecha!