Gelderland, Netherlandsumbrellagod31 month ago

the 10th anniversary side quest just released, you have to find 5 cakes to the goomba in the fun fair.

after doing that you can unlock a 7th equippable orb which gives you double jump, air dash and rolls. by using air dash with the coil item after doing the dance weight glitch, it will give you so much distance. pretty cool.

Gelderland, Netherlandsumbrellagod33 months ago

: bombs can kill phantom orb. heres how you can lit a bomb on fire in phantom orb's phase 1 fight.

basically go to the fire temple and get the key and then once you open the door you get the orb and then quickly get to a bomb giver and you will keep it

anyways since bombs can be activated by fire particles (sadly not the pot companion's fire works) you can go into phantom orb's phase 1 fight and lit a bomb on fire with the pink fire particles that phantom orb goes through to get his shield removed and when the bomb explodes he will literally die and send you to the yellow island part

this can save like 30 seconds or a minute so you dont have to kill phantom orb slowly even with attack power so this is like only useful for 100% just dont die and you can do the trick (maybe even any%?? idk)

2: getting items into restricted areas

what i mean by this is that you can actually get the bat, the beetle and the hammer items anywhere in the game thats why i call it restricted areas (the video of the bat im showing uses a different way of getting it with wifi but you can clip out of the bat room where the orb is and use potions and do some stuff and yeah its kind of hard to explain) i put a few videos here just incase

3: goddess temple walkable shuffle gui

this is kind of useless, but just watch the video of goddess temple

4: coil clip

if you use the lag of roblox recording then this is kind of better than laugh clips

(clipping with the bat item and coil item together is very nice and easy, easier than laugh clips)

Gelderland, Netherlandsumbrellagod31 year ago

for the 100% speedrun is it allowed to not obtain the final ending orb as your final orb cause i wanna get sword early

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