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"It's been a week since Bandage Girl killed Dr Fetus and everything has gone to sh¤t. The world is in the hands of a new supervillain. Fresh saws and less floor, one thing is certain: Meat Boy will have to push his limits to the next level to survive. Who is this mysterious Master Fetus? Where did he come from? And what truly caused the aftermath of the dark ending..? ...GUESS YOU'LL HAVE TO PLAY TO FIND OUT!!!?!1?!!"

So this is a project called "SMB: Aftermath" that I've been working on for months now (on and off), and probably will still be working on it (on and off) for a couple of years. I'm working towards a whole 'dark world to the dark world': 125 brand new super-challenging levels, as close to the style and standard of Edmund's original game as I possibly can make them. I'd thought for a long time that an expansion would be great for the game and its community - new levels to speedrun, lore to discuss, skips to find, bandages to collect - this is my attempt.

I've finished 38 of these 125 expert remixes - initially I chose levels to make at random wherever I saw inspiration (for example 5-10A and 7-2A) but soon decided it'd be a nice idea to release them chapter by chapter, in order (along with a small blurb of my own stupid epilogue), and so the forest became the main focus and is currently two levels short of completion.

Please post any questions, suggestions or criticisms you may have. Can't wait to hear what you think!

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