Nova Scotia, Canadajoggins1 year ago

This speed run community is evil..... I has been banned forever for "cheat" when blastbolt is cheat. Also all of the good china's players also banned for "cheat" but they are just better than you...... why ban only the china's players for cheat but no body else but also me because i am young talent

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Nova Scotia, Canadajoggins5 years ago

Hello, this is Joggin's mother. I have received information on the fact that he attempted to cheat in this game and pass it off as real. I am very sorry on behalf of him, and I hope you can accept him back into this community. My son will be grounded for the next 2 weeks from any technology, so if you see him making any posts, please email me at: I will respond as soon as I can. I always taught my son to be a very honest individual, and while the punishment I am giving him may seem extreme at first, I am doing it because I am very disappointed in him.

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