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Hey everyone.

I just wanted to share that for those who are starting out and struggling with Trickmaster and getting into the second phase with lighting the batons, there is a way to stop that by casting freeze on the oven.

The stall is meant to prevent the lighting of the baton for about 100 seconds, which may help some people when learning the route.

I hope this helps!

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Meath, Irelandiamspecious5 months ago

Hey y'all.

I just got a quick question for you that I can't seem to find either in the Discord or in the rules here. It seems like you get a keyblade called Elemental Encoder on the Epic Games version of KH3. However, unlike the versions on PS4 and Xbox, you can't unequip it. Please see the following screenshot for proof.

Could I get a mod to make the call if it is or isn't allowed to be used as a result of this? Or if i just have to avoid hitting the button till a later stage in the game where i get more than 3 keyblades and can swap.


Here is the image for reference:

Meath, Irelandiamspecious2 years ago

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if it wold be possible if we could consider a new run category. This was created (or at least popularised) by TheGamersJoint () and the idea of the run is to get 99 Coconuts on Destiny Island as quick as possible.

I have named this category affectionately as Coconut%!

It could be a fun little race category for those who want a break from main runs or could be a nice little time slot as the run takes a max of 40/50 minutes.

Cynicals current time is a sub 40, and I've been streaming trying to beat it.

If nothing else, it would be nice to see some people trying this and having some fun with it!

Would love to know what people think. ^_^

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