Yasamito5 months ago

Nice run, respect for doing it with Egypt.

Yasamito1 year ago

What would people's position be regarding the use of the BUG mod?

For those unaware, the mod does not change gameplay whatsoever, it simply adds GUI elements which makes it easier to access information the player already has access to.

I think that the BUG mod would be a huge improvement in the viewing experience for the longer runs, whilst having a negligible impact on times. For conquest in particular, the much clearer display of vassalisation on the scoreboard will make it much easier for the viewer to track progress. For example in Earth18Civs you can rely on peace vassaling Egypt, Mali, Russia, and India. If the viewer doesn't pay attention and misses those trade screens that appear for less than a second each, they may wonder why I never invade Africa, Russia or India.

Bug has also become a very standard way of playing Civ 4. It is integrated into the BUFFY mod that is needed to submit to the Hall of Fame and Game of the Month on the Civ Fanatics forum. It is difficult to find videos of anyone playing at a high level without the mod installed.

Does anybody else have any thoughts?

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