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Greetings to the Greater speedrunning Community! I look forward to competing against some of you and congratulating others of you. I play quite a bit of the old school I worked around with Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Castlevania NES, a couple of Game Boy titles, and I'm working on Master Of Darkness on Game Gear. Last night I got a personal best that put me 24th on the Gargoyles Quest Gameboy leaderboards if I didn't use rewind on switch! You can check me out on Retro Overdose over at YouTube but I really don't post too terribly much. I look forward to joining the community and May the random numbers be in your favor

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This is a tool-assist Any% pb of mine, played on Nintendo Switch GameBoyVC. All I used was rewind.since I don't want to get in trouble for sharing links please take the asterisk out https://youtu.*be/oweB_a8xtjQ

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Cool, Thanky PackSciences. I guess I won't be moving up the ranks too quickly then, as I enjoy just playing on emu (I'm too lazy to setup consoles when they are all available on my laptop...) I understand the timing differences that can arise from emu-only, and that they are essentially originals in spirit...But when I feel I am ready for a true-life run, I do plan to have the original system.

TrevorDarksteel7 years ago

Greetings from New Mexico. I'm new to the forum, and moderately new to speedrunning. The concept captures my imagination and I love watching the oldies done quick. Right now my pet project is the original Castlevania on NES, but ran on NEStopia. Any suggestions for a newcomer to the scene for improvement (besides practice) and decent recording on a budget? My bills and truck happen to take the most out of my paycheck... Anyway, Happy Gaming!!

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