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Works in much the same way as 'Extreme Prejudice improvements' skip, however this one is a little more complicated due to the "capricious" collisions of lamppost.

So, you can jump on that lamppost ledge even faster and right on the go. Jump about two steps from the lamppost (aim roughly at rhombic pattern on floor), press the spacebar nervously (I mean quickly & several times so that we accurately touch surface of that short ledge) and aim towards those boxes. Ofc don't forget about 'quick save' before attempting.

Slightly different angle.

  • Some bonuses for grinding with a bit different routes

These two methods will help u completely avoid droids on the way (use the one that suits you).

  1. To jump onto the 2nd box you need to touch the 1st box a little and immediately jump in the right direction.

  1. Same thing that everyone basically does in the runs, but on the right side (I recommend approaching this jump more carefully since the box can push you into the pit if you take too much to right).

Now we're talking!

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Barricade at the beginning can be crossed a little faster with just one jump. Aim at the highlighted area and barricade will simply push you further (probably due to a conflict between the barricade collision & invisible wall collision). The second skip can also be performed much faster than with the previous setup. Jump to the small edge of the ammunition crate, then 2nd jump to its top and the last 3rd jump (as before), thanks to a good momentum, into out of bounds area where battle droids are standing.

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Jump on the box! Next, you must stand on box so that the sight of AAA (anti-armor attachment) is exactly inside the crooked square (or it looks like a crooked inverted trapezoid lying on its side, nvm). Enlarged cutout from orig. screenshot

Don't forget to make a quick save. After that, make a shoot during the jump, try to shoot as low as possible and close to barrels.

If you do everything on first try, you will save some time + with this improvement you can easily make several attempts.

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  1. Download Cheat Engine (click on 'Download Cheat Engine'). Don't worry, there's no viruses, but for example Windows operating system will detect it as a virus (it's a game hacking program after all), so you have to allow it on your system. + If you want, you can download program from GitHub (scroll to the end and click on 'CheatEngine71.exe').

  2. There is nothing unusual in installation, just be careful as possible! Next, you will be asked to install an additional software (usually it's an antivirus or something else), DO NOT AGREE, uncheck the box and continue installation. At the end of installation, remove two checkboxes 'Reset settings' and 'Launch Cheat Engine'. Click 'Finish'.

  3. Open game and go to windowed mode. Next, minimize game and open Cheat Engine. After opening the program, may appear window with a suggestion to view tutorial. Click 'No'.

  4. Click 'File>Open Process' or find "small monitor with magnifying glass" icon (called 'Select a process to open'). It should also be highlighted like bright green color in square form. Click on it! Next, you will see a 'Process List'. Find the game there (blablabla-iceage2pc.exe), click on it once (it should be highlighted). Click 'Open'.

  5. Click on 'Add Address Manually'. In the address paste "IceAge2Pc.exe+4294B0" (without quotes) and click 'OK'.

  6. A line will appear below in white part of program window. At the end of the line will be number 30 (under 'Value'). Click on it twice, write 60, click 'OK'. Finally, click on white box that is under 'Active'. There should be a thin red cross. Go back to the game. Check if it works. The game should go smoother, it's quite noticeable.

Everything seems to be ready. But we don't want repeat all above every time, right? Follow these 2 steps:

  1. If you have completed all 6 steps, you should click 'File>Save As...'. File will be named as iceage2pc.CT, save it.

  2. When you open game next time, you should open Cheat Engine again. Perform step 4 again. Click 'File>Load'. Select iceage2pc.CT. Remember, Cheat Engine must remain open while you're playing.

Everything is ready!

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I found new skips that can only be performed at 60 FPS on PC version. The whole point is to quickly and constantly press the jump button. It takes a little practice.

Option to select 60 FPS was found by one of the discord server participants: How to lock game at 60 FPS:

1 skip

Gold Acorn cutscene skip < this skip were found by Zetrile

2 skip

Skip an entire Forest 1

Skip the end of Forest 2 (We don't need to waste time on a rhinoceros and carry apples to a large mammal. Now we can just jump to all nests and get all 5 nuts) 1st nest: 3rd nest: 2nd nest: 5th nest:

Tiny skip in Forest 3 Another little skip in Forest 3 that saves us a few seconds and also works at 30 FPS.

  • Out of bounds in Forest 3 (We just get into the water and can go back to the level. It doesn't do anything, but I'm 100% not sure) More detailed video

Skip the spikes in Inside A Fish

Skip an entire Mud Bog 1 & 2 < these two skips were found by Zetrile

Skip an entire Mud Bog 3

Skip in Sloth Village 2 (At 60 FPS we no longer have to swim underwater, climb a wall, and risk being stopped by a spider. Now we just jump on log, then run towards group of stones and, as shown in video below, jump several times towards platform with the nut)

Time-saving skip in Sloth Village 4 (You may notice that to jump in there, you need to aim at the corner, just a little to left of gap with lava flow. Pay attention to small cloud that occurs when Scrat touches some surface. It is this area that gives us opportunity to push off and jump to nut. This skip, unlike others, requires a little more practice. [Unfortunately, YouTube made video darker, but nevertheless it's quite obvious in which place you need to make a skip]) A slightly more complete example

Mini skip in Sloth Village 5 (Skip climbing the wall, risk of being fried [fire stops us for a second], risk of being stopped by a spider [also a second])

Next, we don't need to go for stone, we just jump to the next platform through an inclined surface.

Time-saving skip in Sloth Village 5 (We skip a tunnel with fire, descent on a rope, two rocks and non-skippable cutscene. In the place where Scrat slips, you must press jump button as often as possible and without stopping. If you do everything on first try, you'll save a decent amount of time. However, this skips requires long and hard practice)

  • Improvements in Sloth Village 5 that are slightly faster than in the video above.

Time-saving skip in Glacier 1 (Here we skip completely Glacier 2, which is with Diego)

Skip Glacier 3

These are all possible skips. Only some skips save time in minutes, which must be done on the first attempt. Remaining skips only save a few seconds.

At 60 FPS, Scrat can touch almost any inclined surface for a few milliseconds during a double jump. At 30 FPS, Scrat will simply roll down, i.e. above skips will be impossible. There is also possibility to get out of the levels, but this doesn't give much, because one wrong step and you just fall endlessly down.


Bonus: In the level with Sid at 60 FPS arrows move too fast! It's impossible to keep up with them, so in this mode they are meaningless. Moreover, you can score more than 7000 points without these mini-games for reaction.

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