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Hey guys, I know it's a pretty controversial topic so just wanna note I don't have an opinion on the whole deal in terms of allowing/disallowing it but will emulators/dolphin ever be allowed? I've lurked over here for a while now but never been able to compete because it's not simple for me to get a wii/wii u, controllers, a new game, capture card and set everything up. I checked different forums here and it seems like the answer has always been "maybe" from what I can tell and just hoped for some clarity on that answer

SeychellesPoofessorP1 year ago

Hey so I wanna do some runs with friends in coop any% rsg, but we've kinda struggled to find a way of efficiently running it. We had a 3 gb server but worlds would take forever to get created and if we did found a seed it would be super slow if we got to the nether or sometimes just in general.

For any coop runners what server providers have you found to be good enough for runs, also would I be allowed find a seed through single player and then input that seed on the server so long as I record the process or does it have to be purely through the provider?

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