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Could you please add the JPN regulation to the category of Galarian Star Tournament?

Category Rules: Timing is by RTA, where timer starts upon choosing a Japanese language, and ends when the screen fades to black before the finals credits after beating Leon and Raihan in the Galarian Star Tournament.

Submissions must be recorded with original video feed and audio. If recording via webcam, footage must be clear and visible at all times. Important UI elements must not be hidden in a way that makes them unreadable or hides information. This includes HP bars and text boxes. Event Pokemon (including the Pikachu/Eevee obtainable from Let's Go) are not allowed.

Usage of Online Features is not allowed.

Usage of any Communication Features (such as local trading, etc) is not allowed.

Runs must be done in any of the Japanese language options (にほんご or 日本語).

My PB is the following video:

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