PeruPapifabri0071 month ago

congratulations guys for breaking ur own record and mine xd, keep it up I'm sure you can achieve TOP 1 :)

PeruPapifabri0072 months ago

Good strategies, nice first run of this category

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PeruPapifabri0073 months ago

What a perfect run! it will be difficult to beat, それを続けてください、みんな

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PeruPapifabri0073 months ago

Nice run guys!, just remember that we need to see the other perspective to verify the glitch of double pressing the lever in the dolls level (because now it is considered a glitch), and as a small tip in the last level it is only necessary to press 2 buttons to obtain the minimum, good luck guys!

PeruPapifabri0073 months ago

good run, and good burp too hehe

PeruPapifabri0073 months ago

Good job guys, we recommend that you use a timer to be more exact with the times, keep up the good work!

PeruPapifabri0073 months ago

Good run, keep it up!

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PeruPapifabri0073 months ago

Congratulations, Good job!

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PeruPapifabri0073 months ago

This is a common problem that has also happened to me several times, and from what I have been able to see it seems to be because while the lights are off there is a greater chance that this error will occur to you, the only solution I have found is to not go immediately to the lever but wait a few seconds for the lights to come on.

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PeruPapifabri0073 months ago

It is a big doubt that the mods have already taken into account for a long time because we are not the first team to do that.

Likewise, it would be good to know if it is allowed to use advantages that are outside the game mode or even use third-party platforms to give advantages that others do not have, as in the current second place run (from 5:21 to 5:31).

Can a mod explain it?

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