KingKappa3 days ago

I just want to clarify that I did not mean to sound rude in my description for my run, if it might have sounded that way. I was just trying to convey a thought of mine, that if a run as mediocre as mine could get 3rd place, then the game/category isn’t the most popular to speedrun. I think that this game is an amazing installment in the Sonic franchise and is a great game to speedrun, it totally deserves more players.

KingKappa6 days ago

That’s very interesting. I wonder if one of these levels is actually playable (not getting stuck in the ceiling,) but I’m not sure.

KingKappa17 days ago

Makes sense. There might be other versions out there, but this is the only one I was able to find that would be relevant in my case. I have heard a RAM adapter by Bakutendo that is designed to fit in a Famicom cart, however I feel that this would be unnecessary for Famicom owners as they can just purchase the regular RAM adapter, and it wouldn't make sense for NES owners. There is a DRAM x4 version: Disk System (FDS) RAM Adapter Vertical Board [DRAM x4 Version] | BAKUTENDO

And a DRAM x1 version: Disk System (FDS) RAM Adapter Vertical Board [DRAM x1 Version] | BAKUTENDO

KingKappa17 days ago

It’s the only one I’ve been able to find. I wouldn’t think using it would invalidate the run, because it’s just an alternate ram adapter, the original FDS hardware other than that is still being used. I could be wrong, but I doubt it, especially since Seraphmlll said that it would work.

KingKappa17 days ago

Thank you, that is exactly what I wanted to hear! I’d rather keep my NES instead of purchasing a famicom, so I’m glad to hear that I can use the 3rd party RAM adapter!

KingKappa18 days ago

Thanks for the additional info! I just wanted to confirm whether or not they allowed since there is no mention of them in the game rules, and I did not want to spend my money on something only to later find out that I had wasted it on something I couldn’t use for submission. Once again, thank you for the info! I really do appreciate it!

KingKappa20 days ago

I’ve seen a few different Lost Levels reproduction carts for nes online. Would these be allowed for submissions or not?

KingKappa2 months ago

3DS VC runs at ~59.828 fps, slightly faster than the Game Boy Color framerate, which is ~59.727 fps. I was just wondering if we should adjust the VC times, or leave them as is.

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