JapanHi7 months ago

I verified my Discord social but when I go to check my profile it doesn't appear in my socials despite me actually having it linked.

Also you can't type below an embed image if you decide to post one.

Changing your theme from the Appearance tab in Settings doesn't change the theme for viewing your own profile, as seen here.

I will post more bugs if I find them.

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JapanHi7 months ago

You really should do some more beta testing next time.

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JapanHi1 year ago

[quote=Meta] We are always looking for your feedback to help us shape the future of SRC for the better. [/quote] These are some of many many suggestions that have been wanted to get added that me and many others would like to become a thing on I'm open to criticism though so let me know if you guys agree with them too (or if you don't agree).

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JapanHi1 year ago

When boosting a game, the flag icon of the country kind of overlaps the booster's name as you can see here: PS: I don't know if it was the right decision to post it here instead of making a ticket on Support Hub.

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JapanHi2 years ago

Why do you have to make a thread for every single question that you have, you're literally flooding the Talk forums with pointless questions and the only valid reason I could find for this is to be able to farm posts easier.

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JapanHi2 years ago

Grats Liam.

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JapanHi2 years ago

The forums have gotten a new look just now which leaves me to believe that there is more to come for the forums than just the look. What do you think of it?

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JapanHi2 years ago

Ok so for the past few months I've been trying to find some good specs to buy for a completely new PC that I want to buy this Christmas, however since the chip craze has driven the prices of GPUs so high I have to find a new one because RTX now cost about 750-800 eur for a 2060 (I was planning on getting a 3090 if the craze wouldn't have happened). So, what do you recommend me to get? I'm planning to get an i7 11400F as my CPU and a 1TB SSD but not sure about anything else.

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JapanHi2 years ago

Simple question, what is your favourite number? Can be as short as 1 digit and as long as infinite. If you want you can also provide a reason for why you like it in particular.

I'll start with mine, which is 7, though I don't really have a reason for why I like it this much.

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JapanHi2 years ago

But certainly not the last..

JapanHi2 years ago

Chrome Brave

Up until yesterday I was able to log in on Brave just fine, however now I can only use Chrome to log into my account, which is annoying since Brave is my main browser.

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JapanHi2 years ago

Ok so this idea was suggested to me by @MrMonsh but I thought it'd be a good idea to make a thread about it as it is something important with the end goal of making the site a better place for everyone.

Instead of getting banned from the website as a whole, what if you could separate getting banned on the forums from getting banned from submitting runs? To me it seems very unfair to get banned forever due to how easy it is. Simply having an unpopular opinion that the mods or the users in general dislike will get you banned, so what could be done instead is ban that person just from the forums while allowing them to still submit runs, and viceversa too; if there's a player that cheated in the past they should get banned from the leaderboards but still be allowed to talk on the forums.

This can apply to alts too; I think it's unfair for alt accounts to get banned for no particular reason other than simply being alt accounts. It is fair to ban alt accounts of people that got banned on their main accounts though, but for the other players it's simply unfair as long as they don't do any harm. Maybe what could be done is ban those alts from the leaderboards IF they submit a run on the same leaderboard as their main account, because alts typically don't have submitted runs anyway so them getting banned from submitting runs is pretty fair.

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JapanHi2 years ago

Ok so I was thinking about being able to put a custom image as the background for this section of the profile. What do you think?

I don't know how good of an idea it is, so feel free to leave criticism down below.

JapanHi2 years ago

Rules are simple: use any AI app or website you know that can generate a paragraph based on a sentence or phrase, and then paste what it generated with the sentence or phrase at the top.

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JapanHi2 years ago

If you use inspect element on the website, if you search in the right place, you will see that there is this line of code: If you change the "hidden" portion of the code, or if you delete it entirely, this pops up on your profile: My question is, why is this in the code if there is not a single user that has it? What was its purpose?

JapanHi2 years ago

Wouldn't it be cool if we could search for any game we want, for any user we want, with just the press of a few buttons?

In its current state, the search system is pretty messed up. The first problem is, when you want to search something, it takes a good 4 or 5 seconds to even show up anything, and then after that, you will probably not even get the search result you looked for, be it a game, a series, a user or whatever. The second and, in my opinion, biggest issue with the search system is that if you want to search for an user for example, the site is also going to show you games, series, marathons etc. that start with the characters that you typed.

This can all be solved with the addition of filters so that you can search for users (for example) separately and for the system to only show you users. Same thing goes with games, series and the others.

For games, filters that show games added before or after a certain period can be added, as well as filters that show games with less or more than a certain amount of active runners, or with more or less submitted runs, etc., the number (a.k.a the certain amount that I keep mentioning) being selected by the player.

For series, you can probably add filters that show series that have a certain number of games in them, or that have more or less than a certain amount of games, or that have more or less than a certain amount of active runners.

And for users, filters for the amount of characters that the name has (or less or more than that amount) might also come in handy.

Let me know what you think, I may have not explained it in the best way, so I'm happy to clear any misunderstandings that you guys have.

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JapanHi2 years ago

Pretty self explanatory, only cool names can reply (and Merl_), others can like the posts though.

I want to see how big of a chain we can get.

Q: What even is an OG name? A: An OG name is a name that is either a word from the dictionary (without any prefixes/suffixes) or a word that's very commonly used in day by day language (e.g. lol, Meme etc.). A combination of 2 words doesn't qualify.

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JapanHi2 years ago

Yesterday I was talking with a friend in voice chat when I showed him He has never seen the site before and he had some ideas for the site so I thought I'd share them here:

  • An easier way to search for usernames. Right now, if you try to find an username, for example Hi, it will give you a few names that start with Hi but it will not give you the option to see my profile, and it can be annoying. A solution to this would be to give the exact name that is being searched for, case sensitive or not (so if you'd search for Hi, you would only see my profile and no one else's). Also make a way to choose if you want to search for games, series or users, because right now it will give search results for all 3.
  • A way to see how many people visit your profile a.k.a a views system for profiles.
  • Views system for guides. Guides are the only things in a speedgame that you can't see how many people have viewed them. Would be cool to see how many people check out those guides.
JapanHi2 years ago

Is Easter Garden banned from the solo/doubles leaderboard? I got a fast time on it in doubles but I heard from people that it's banned because it's Easter exclusive.

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