I really want it to be a category, I think it'd be really fun and isn't too hard to get into as it's very short, as opposed to any% which lasts hours. And the timing seems all good and I've found no other variables that would make the timing method Zaku stated ineffective.

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Since you start the timer on completing the first textbox, my only thought it maybe after you close the last textbox? But either way you do it, how you did in your run or how I suggested would work I think, and I think it's an interesting idea for a run and I'd love this to be a category.

I'd want king olly to be included but adding him, just as Dirk said, would make timing the run a bit more complicated. For all bosses in the bossotronic, the game gives you precise timings on when it starts and ends. King olly doesn't have this so something like livesplit would be used, but would it be just for that boss or for the others and what about menus? Having the timers of the bossotronic bosses instead of livesplit would be much less complicated. Also i don't think it matters which order you'd do bosses in, but I guess it would make sense to do it in chronological order, but ultimately doesn't really matter in my opinion. Some may want to get bosses that they struggle with out of the way first so if they mess up, it's just near the start and less time is wasted on attempts. If someone was super good at pencils but bad at stapler, they'd get all the way to the end of the run and then fail and have to restart.

i thought just taking the time of all the bosses is easier, because then to get the time you just use a calculator or something, and exclude the menu transition from one boss to another?

yeah i guess that's true on second thought. adding king olly does add a lot more work and confusion to a boss rush where we can just add up times easily with the game's timer so i would be for removing olly from a boss rush

Oh yeah that could work. So you mean we count the time from bosses and not menu's/getting to king olly? I think that'd work as if we want to do a boss rush, the focus is on bosses, not getting through the castle as fast as possible

Oh yeah definitely, for all these runs that don't have clear and obvious rules, there'd need to be more time to consider them and what you need to do in each run, when it starts etc. Other run ideas that come to mind are Not Bottomless holes all repaired, all collectible treasures or all ? blocks hit. Of all these i'd probably say all collectible treasures would be the best out of them all. ? blocks aren't very often off the any% path iirc and non bottomless holes may be fun but i feel like nearer the end of the game there's less and less of them. Only 12/45 different 'areas' (according to the game's map) don't have collectible treasures, half just in chapter 4's islands, so since most of the game has collectible treasures, i think that'd be good. We'd need to decide if trophies count but i think it may be a cool idea.

Another point is if these would be 100% IL's or any%. They'd both have different routes of course but then that's also ten new categories, 12 if you count the final chapter, and then if they're all added, it's back to what Sayuri said about not having too many categories with pretty much no one running them. 12 or even 10 seems quite a lot.

Yeah that's true. The other streamers would also be interesting, just time consuming to reattempt the closer it is to the end. If you did green streamer you'd have to play the rest of the game just to try once. And there'd have to be some thought of when does timer start on other streamers, not just the first. For example, does purple streamer start as soon as yellow is broken? Or when you get back to toad town from the desert, or when you first leave toad town on the sea? There could be a few places where purple streamer 'starts' or where yellow 'ends', same with the others.

Although it would make doing new attempts annoying, if we did red streamer% maybe we should start somewhere past the forest? The start doesn’t have a lot of optimisations and it’s likely that without mistakes, people would complete it around a similar time. It’s only around toad town where skips like macho goomba skip can widen the time difference between skilled and less skilled runners. The only problem is for every new attempt you’d have to get to that point, like toad town.

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