GermanyFennor_Virastar3 months ago

I noticed something interesting about the overboosting at the end. It seemed like quite often you would drop down from 650 to like 410 before you could boost again. This is a very unfortunate timing as it seems like when you are at 478kph and boost it will get you up to 650. When you boost at 401 it will only get to 562, if one would just wait a second at get to 399 it would get you to 650, averaging speed at about 520. Because the first boost from overboosting seems to boost you by about 80, but if you didn't surpass 562, it will boost you for another 80 for some reason. As Fire Stingray loses speed slowly, it might be timeable, can't be harder than the classic boost tapping.

thread: F-Zero 99
GermanyFennor_Virastar4 months ago

What are opinions on the boost mechanic that allows you to still boost when you are out of energy? It is required for Golden Fox and other machines on some tracks, but it feels horrendous. It is so much about having the right timing before the pit area. And a slight touch with the walls means you will lose a bit of energy changing the timing completely as your boost will expire at a different time. Sometimes you expect to get a boost going into turn but don't get it making you turn too early hitting the wall. And I don't understand why you sometimes don't die when hitting the wall after you depleted your bar. Do you get a small amount of energy when you just boosted?

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