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What are the most hilariously useless super powers you can think of?

Personally, I think the ability to taste anything that touches your body would be horrible.

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What do you last remember dreaming about?

Last night I had a nonsensical dream about a family Christmas bamboozling event... taking place in the summer at a place called the Cider Creek Cabin. Kids and their parents would throw confetti bombs at other families and steal gifts from each other. I managed to swipe an envelope with a lovely card that said, "Sorry, there is no money here. But bring it back to me and I might buy you some clothes or something."

The name was illegible. At least the card had a cute animals on it.

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I already know there will always be that one edgelord who googled what it is awhile back and they say, "Oh well I don't believe in this... blah blah blah." I personally enjoy seeing the results for fun's sake.

Those who do not already know their type, just take the quiz online and answer as honestly as possible. There are no wrong answers.

As for my results, I consistently get INTJ.

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I'm some bored girl looking for a challenge and I am excited to join.

It's been well over 20 years since I first played Primal Rage.

I play the hell outta that game on Snes9x every single day and have been for many years. There's sadly little to nothing on Youtube specifically showcasing this game. While I am going to attempt a difficulty 16 speedrun, I would also like to showcase some funny glitches I've found.

Aside from that, I develop software for a living and enjoy gapping people on the highway. Car shows are definitely my thing and if you'd like I can show you my shiny ruby red baby.

So happy to be here! ^_^

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