TaiwanDarkslayer3 months ago

Thank you. It's easy and faster.

TaiwanDarkslayer5 months ago

Please set timing method on your timer as Real Time for your next submission. We do not use LRT.

TaiwanDarkslayer5 months ago

Category Name: Any% No Upgrade (NG)

Category Rules:

  • New game file run starting from R-00 through to the end of R-07. Fresh file only.
  • Timing starts from selecting "No" to "Play Tutorial?" and ends on the final zandatsu on Armstrong.
  • Purchasing custom bodies, main weapons, wigs, skills is banned.
  • Purchasing initial unique weapons is allowed.
  • Upgrading weapons, life, fuel cells is banned.

Is this okay?

TaiwanDarkslayer5 months ago

Hi, the category you requested will be added soon. Just one thing to be confirmed, the limitation is

Only initial unique weapons are allowed to purchase from the customization menu.

Other rules are the same as Any% (NG), right?

TaiwanDarkslayer6 months ago

Nice find, thanks for sharing.

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TaiwanDarkslayer7 months ago

Congratulations on the PB! Easy 50 min next time.

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TaiwanDarkslayer8 months ago

Hi, if more people show interests in the category, we'll consider adding it. Please leave comment blow if anyone wants to run it.

TaiwanDarkslayer1 year ago

GG! Incredible run!

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TaiwanDarkslayer1 year ago

Good luck next time.

TaiwanDarkslayer1 year ago

It will be downloaded automatically if you enter the game name correctly in split file.

TaiwanDarkslayer1 year ago

God gamer! Congratulations!

TaiwanDarkslayer1 year ago

The runs Mekarazium submitted to the leaderboard were legitimate in their right place, nobody defended him here.

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TaiwanDarkslayer1 year ago

Don’t worry, feel free to post here. Your mod has helped us a lot. Monsoon cutscene is the only one that cannot be skipped on PC version.

TaiwanDarkslayer1 year ago

Thanks for your effort, sure it won't be banned if you make it possible.

TaiwanDarkslayer1 year ago

You could skip monsoon cutscene on PS3.

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TaiwanDarkslayer1 year ago

Hello, I think there isn’t a high demand for Sam NG+ category since nobody did NG+ runs actually. Also there wouldn’t be much difference between NG and NG+ except sub-weapons. Just run any difficulties on NG if you want.

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