thread: Speedrunning
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Been itching to get into a new speed game for a while now but I'm not sure where to start. Part of my problem is I've learned that I prefer doing runs where, at least starting out, I don't necessarily have to do a lot of individual practice. I prefer when I'm able to just finish my casual playthrough of the game, and then just keep on playing and getting better and better. I played a lot of Wind Waker Randomizer that felt like that for the most part, and I also enjoyed doing this with Celeste ILs (running the full game ended up feeling too stressful for me lol). Whereas when I've tried to play games like Megaman, I feel like I have to keep grinding to get each room perfectly because I usually die when I mess up (as opposed to say Celeste, where deaths aren't very punishing), and then I just end up getting tilted very quickly whenever I try to do full runs.

So yeah, if anyone has any recommendations for stuff like this I'd love to hear some ideas. Other randomizers could be cool, although I'm not sure what other kinds of games have randomizers and I'm not super interested in other Zelda games, Metroid, Castlevania, or Pokemon. Also I tend to like a lot of different kinds of games, but especially platformers.

thread: Rabi-Ribi
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I feel like with the 100%, it'd be best just to stick without the Easter Eggs. It'd be hard to keep up with constantly having to change the ruling every time a new update comes out and changes something, and then we have to have this whole discussion again and again. Plus, if any DLC add anything into this mix, especially on All Bosses, where I believe they have DLC exclusive bosses planned, you can start to get into a gray area where people aren't okay with needing to purchase something extra to run the game. Now, DLC and free updates aren't the same, but some amount of consistency should still apply.

As far as Low%, that one's tough. I want to say that Low% is a little more arbitrary, and I want to try and think of the category here as "beat the game with as few resources as possible." When worded like that, it becomes apparently that not you should avoid the Easter Eggs, especially since they apparently give you some actual advantage. Because of that, it doesn't seem to quite be in the right spirit of Low%.

Everything else, well, I just started the game, so I don't really know what most of what y'all are talking about is. But hey, I wish y'all luck on that. I'll come back once I've actually finished the game, see y'all in a couple days probably.

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