Hot Lava
  Any% Buddy Mode All Checkpoints Boostless
Gym Jam 0m 32s 521ms
17th place

Trampoline Trouble 0m 22s 721ms
10th place

Livin' on the Ledge 0m 38s 601ms
8th place

Surfing Surfaces 0m 14s 039ms
14th place

Pole Vault 0m 41s 943ms
6th place

Chase your Sister (Gym Class) 0m 25s 636ms
16th place

Gym Class Pogo Trial 0m 11s 806ms
9th place

Gym Class Tiny Toy 0m 13s 096ms
10th place

Recess 0m 12s 787ms
17th place

Big Kids Side 0m 24s 052ms
13th place

Chase the Big Kid 0m 31s 030ms
5th place

Playground Pogo 1 0m 19s 499ms
4th place

Playground Tiny Toy 0m 12s 143ms
5th place