LevelFirst place
[Gym Class]
Gym Jam
Trampoline Trouble
Livin' on the Ledge
Surfing Surfaces
Pole Vault
Chase your Sister (Gym Class)
Gym Class Pogo Trial
Gym Class Tiny Toy
Gym Class Jetpack Trial
Big Kids Side
Bouncy Castle
Back To Class
Sports Day
Chase the Big Kid
Playground Pogo 1
Playground Pogo 2
Playground Tiny Toy
Playground Tiny Toy 2
Playground Jetpack Trial
Chase the Grade (Playground)
ABCs and 123s
Middle School Mischief
Senior Trip
Repeat the Grade
Chase your Sister (School)
Freshman Frenzy
Chase the Grade
School Pogo Trial 1
School Pogo Trial 2
School Pogo Trial 3
School Jetpack Trial
School Tiny Toy Trial 1
To the Top
Duct and Cover
Meat Market
Meat Grinder
Chase through the Store
Wholesale Pogo Trial 1
Wholesale Pogo Trial 2
Wholesale Pogo Trial 3
Chase the Grade (Wholesale)
Wholesale Jetpack Trial
Wholesale Tiny Toy Trial
[Master Class]
Air Control Mastery
Wall Jump Mastery
Boosting Mastery
Surf Mastery
Wind Tunnel Mastery
Honors Gym Class
Master Class Pogo
Master Class Tiny Toy
Master Class Jetpack Trial
Race to the Summit
Lights Out
Temple Sprint
Fancy Footwork
Minecart Carnage
Chase The Meaning
Basement Jetpack Trial
Basement Pogo Trial 1
Basement Tiny Toy Trial 1
[Rocco's Arcade]
Arcade Action
Rocco's Rumpus Room
Employees Only
Storage Room Spree
Birthday Blowout
Chase to the Arcade
Rocco's Arcade Pogo Trial 1
Rocco's Arcade Pogo Trial 2
Rocco's Arcade Tiny Toy Trail 1
Rocco's Arcade Tiny Toy Trial 2
Rocco's Arcade Jetpack Trial
[The Blue Box]
Windmill Valley
Big Rock Canyon
Rooftop Rush
Giant's Garage
Snowy-Mountain Sliding
[Parkour Island]
[Sunshine Shore]
Sand Structure Scaling
Gem Grabbing
Castle Caper
Tanning Trek
Beacon Boarding
Water Wading
[G.A.T H.Q]
The Mount Vile Gauntlet Trial
Poizone's Perilous Pit
T.O.X.I.C Trampolines of Terror
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