Autosplit doesn't work
2 years ago

Hello, Please tell me. I Downloaded Autosplitter from Resources and launch Livesplit Edit Layout-> Control-> Scriptable Auto Splitter And I can load and load Unmetal.asl downloaded by Script path. If you press timer start before the game starts, the game has not started I've started counting and can't use Autosplit. Are there any other steps to play? I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

Buckinghamshire, England

Hi Hamatet. Sounds like you're doing everything correctly. Just to confirm a couple of things though?

  • Are you playing the PC or Console version of UnMetal?
  • Have you set up LiveSplit to be using Gametime and not Realtime?

What might be helpful is if you could send some screenshot of what you're seeing, as it's not overly clear what the cause might be. Are you on the MGSR Discord, as this might be an easier place to help you?

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