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11 months ago
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Hey UA runners,

After chatting with Beardstrength, I wanted to gather thoughts on the rule that states you can only use one credit. As far as I can tell, the times on the board are competitive enough that there is no strategic value in taking a death at any point in the runs.

The value I can theoretically see in taking a death would be at the very beginning of a stage (stage 4 after sprinting through the stage 3 slimes, stage 9 to rush through the final stage 8 slorb) so that you can get double jump back. For the current competitive times, it would be too much time spent to make the run competitive. Taking a death would be not applicable in Any%, and, again, non-advantageous in OOB% and 100% as far as I can tell.

Conversely, as a newer runner to this game, being required to finish a run deathless could demotivate people from posting runs. Allowing people to enter credits will encourage them to power through to the end and then learn how to beat it deathless.

Let me know if I'm missing a strategy that this will allow that makes the existing times non-competitive. Otherwise, we should remove the rule for 100% and OOB%.

Oh... and the worst thing that could happen is a successful run being nullified because someone chose 2 credits instead of 1 to start. Yikes!

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This is an old thread that I missed, but I fully support removing the rule regarding credits and allowing any number of credits to be used for runs. Having extra credits doesn't give any advantage—it just makes it easier to finish a run. As noted above any death will guarantee that a WR is impossible.

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I've updated the rules of all three categories. The new rule lines states the following. I'll consider this closed.

-You can use as many credits as needed to complete the run.

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Locking the thread.

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